EIA 2020 Lyrics - EPR Iyer (prod. by GJ Storm)

EIA 2020 - EPR Iyer


Song Name : EIA 2020

Written By : EPR

Singers : EPR

Release Date : 25/09/2020

Label : EPR Iyer

Produced By : GJ Storm



Legitimise environmental destruction?

we need to criticize 

undemocratic amendments 

ulanghano ko vaidhta pradan 

post facto clearance 

‘cus jungalein hamari 

under threat from the corporates, lord 

less accountability 

'industry' ke naam 

consider climate catastrophe 

pradhushan ka bhugtan 

say polluters pay principal 

nuksan to the precious ecosystem irreplaceable lord! 

woh cheene humse power from the public ghatakar consultation 30 to 20 din  

kahan hai transparency in your policies? 

more of the Gas leaks

more of the River poisoning aye! 

woh beche coal mines in their auctions expressways and highways expansions /l

lagbhag chalees projects exempted 

strategic hai toh 

government no give no information?


We got to save EI- EIA EIA

From the new EI - EIA EIA



Jah, this is green resistance 

picture mera clenched fist 

against the draft 2020 

anti vatavaran pro industries 

hum likhe to the ministry 

protect tribal communities 

suraksha ki no guarantee 

by factories of corporate greed

low grade coal for electricity, 

(they burning)

u-turnin’ on clean energy 


Privatise opportunities 

mining ko commercialise 

jalao jitna hai jalana 

carbon emissions bhaad men jaye 

remember Baghjan and the people it killed? 

Ab all oil gas B2 category still?

exempted from assessment 

in the present draft deal 

hatya prakriti ki 

aur sarkar ki uspe seal 

kar appeal right now!

before it gets too late yo 

we owe it to our children 

coexist with nature 

bachao hamare national parks 

and reserved forests 

nadiyon pe na dumping grounds

somebody stop it 


We got to save EI- EIA EIA

From the new EI - EIA EIA


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